The Thunderbolt
There isn't one aspect of life that smart phones do not cover. Many smart phones come equipped with many features and capabilities that make travelling easier. Phones such as the HTC Thunderbolt can be paired with GPS and locating apps to make the process of finding your way from point A to point B much easier than they would be otherwise.

First of all, the most important part of traveling is probably the ability to find out where you are going and eventually get there. In the past many travelers have used maps and then transitioned to GPS devices when they became more popular. GPS devices provided users with a lot more features that a regular map could not. They could provide feedback, in real-time, or the user could update the GPS maps or change and choose different routes. However, the most recent innovation is the invention of apps that can be downloaded right to your smart phone to help you out; this is where the HTC Thunderbolt sets itself apart from traditional GPS devices and maps.

The most popular app available on Android powered smart phones like the HTC Thunderbolt for helping with traveling is probably Google Maps Navigation. This app is essentially a smart phone friendly version of the extremely popular Google Maps website; through that site, you simply plug in somewhere where you would like to travel and you find directions, time estimates, and distance estimates to help you reach that site.

One great aspect about the Google Maps application is that it may also show you a street view and different satellite views if you so ever wanted to view them. The satellite view is an excellent way to view your destination of choice. Similarly street views allow you to see exactly what certain streets, homes, and individual locations look like, which can be extremely helpful when you have never been to a certain place before.

Even though this application has most of the features that any traveler will need it is not the only one of choice. All smart phones have a number of different GPS applications offering the user not only convenience but choice so that they may pick one they feel comfortable with. Co Pilot is also another very popular navigation program for smart phones. Just like Google Maps, Co Pilot also has the feature that allows the user to enter their destination of choice and they will also get easy and straightforward directions. Although they do share some features these applications are also a bit different. Many users believe that the Co Pilot UI is a lot friendlier than that of Google Maps. The Co Pilot programs have more of a traditional GPS interface very similar to GPS devices like a Tom Tom or as a Garmin device.

Finding directions has never been easier thanks to the help from these amazing cellular devices. Beyond these apps, you might want to look into some of the many HTC Thunderbolt accessories that are available, including an extra HTC Thunderbolt battery and an extra HTC Thunderbolt charger. Accessories like a battery or a charger can be very beneficial because it will prolong the uptime of your mobile device. This can be an essential way to keep your mobile device running during long trips.

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