The Thunderbolt

Installation of Screen Protectors with the HTC Thunderbolt

If you truly love your HTC Thunderbolt, then you're probably going to want a screen protector. Screen protectors are one of the best ways to preserve the life of your device as well as keep it looking beautiful. In this article, we'll teach you how to install one properly.

One of the best HTC Thunderbolt accessories is a HTC Thunderbolt screen protector. Now for those unfamiliar with screen protectors, these accessories are ultra-thin pieces of film which help protect your phone from scratches and such. The screen protector could also protect it from any potential any other mishaps, like accidently dropping it and such. The protector will help shield your screen from the impact and prevent it from shattering all over the floor. Because of this, a screen protector is almost as important an accessory for your device as a HTC Thunderbolt charger.

There are bunch different kinds of screen protectors to choose from with varying properties such as glare resistance, mirroring, privacy enhancing, or simply clear. The regular kind of screen protector is simply a nice, thin, clear layer that usually comes in packages of three. The privacy screen protector will prevent your screen from being viewed from anywhere except directly in front of the device. This is a great way to keep all of your information private and away from wandering eyes and you will not have reduced visibility. The mirrored protector gives the device a sleek look and allows the screen to act as a mirror when the screen is turned off, and the anti-glare protector allows you to use your Thunderbolt outside by reducing the glare on the screen. And while these are different kinds of screen protectors, they are pretty much installed the same way.

Before you do anything though, just make sure you read the instruction. Move the device to a room that is free of dust and dirt, so you can perform the installation. Also wipe down the screen. If there are any tiny specks of dust left on your device, they will show up underneath the protector in all their painful brilliance and cause distraction and even scratching to the screen.

Make sure the device is turned the right way so that the orientation of the protector matches up with the orientation of the device. Remove the screen protector from its case. Use the tab on the right side of the protector to begin removing the plastic sheath from underneath, the side facing your device. Remove about half of the sheath then press the freed half of the protector to the top half of your device. After all that press down and apply the adhesive so it'll hold the phone and keep it protected. Very carefully remove the sheath while also continuing to apply the protector over the rest of the screen.

Clean off any dust that may have settled on your device in the process, and then remove the top half of the sheath from the protector. Calmly take hold of the remaining sheath and peel it down without touching the sheath itself.